Staff Spotlight

West Washington is proud to announce a new addition to our junior high math department.  Please welcome our new 7th grade math teacher, Emma Miller. 

“Emma Miller comes to West Washington with stellar recommendations from her IU Southeast faculty and former teachers and staff from West Washington. During her student observations last semester, Emma went above and beyond to serve our students as she worked with Mrs. Beasley as her advising teacher. Emma has acclimated well to her new teaching assignment and has great support from her colleagues and administration. She has hit the ground running and we look forward to a successful semester,” shared West Washington High School Principal, Angela Girgis.

Emma is just a few weeks into her new position, but she is no stranger to West Washington and seems to be adjusting just fine.  “This is my first teaching job so I am excited to learn more.  I am a former student of West Washington and I loved my time here. Ever since I decided to go into education, I knew I wanted to come back.  I knew a lot of the staff already and the ones I didn't know have been very friendly. I am so happy to be a part of the staff here!”  explained Emma.

Ms. Miller was quick to mention her family and her gratitude for their support.  “My parents have always been very passionate and involved in my education growing up and that has transitioned to my desires here. Both my brother and sister attended this school as I did and we all were very involved with our academics and extracurriculars. We are a very close knit family and have always been encouraging to one another,” stated Ms. Miller.  

It is very apparent that Emma Miller is passionate about teaching in her home community and enjoys getting to know her students.  Welcome back to Senator Nation in your new role, Ms. Emma Miller!