Staff Spotlight

West Washington would like to congratulate Tom Rosenbaum for recently being awarded IASP (Indiana Association of School Principals) District 12 Principal of the Year.  

The Indiana Association of School Principals annually recognizes outstanding school leaders in each of the 12 Indiana districts who have succeeded in providing high-quality learning opportunities for students. These principals are selected by their peers for the exemplary contributions they have made to the profession.  

West Washington is proud of Mr. Rosenbaum and appreciates the leadership and support he provides our students and staff.  Superintendent, Keith Nance, proudly stated, “I nominated Mr. Rosenbaum for IASP Principal of the Year because of West Washington Elementary School's consistent academic accomplishments throughout his tenure as our elementary principal. He has a great understanding of effective instructional practices and he leads our staff in the implementation of those strategies.  Mr. Rosenbaum is very visible throughout the building and in classrooms to ensure our teachers are supported and pushed to do all they can for the success of our students. His attention to detail and understanding of academic data points helps our elementary remain one of the top in all of southern Indiana.

Being a graduate of West Washington, Mr. Rosenbaum has been a fixture in our school system and community.  “I taught HS Math for 11 years then moved to the elementary for the last 17 years.  I also coached basketball and football 2 years before I was hired as a Math teacher while I was still in college,” explained Mr. Rosenbaum.  

Along with teaching and being an administrator, Tom Rosenbaum’s commitment as a Senator has filtered through many additional roles including Varsity Girls Basketball, Varsity Assistant/Junior High/6th Grade Boys Basketball, Varsity Assistant/Junior High Football,  Varsity Assistant/Junior High Baseball, and Math Bowl Coach. His passion for not only his school, but his community is apparent in his involvement. “West Washington is home.  This is my community and I want West Washington to be the shining light to our community and for the state of Indiana.  West Washington is my second family,” shared Mr. Rosenbaum.  

Mr. Keith Nance couldn’t agree more and noted, “In addition to the performance of the school, he is a committed professional who has a deep love for our community, our school, and our students. I am not surprised that he was chosen as the District Principal of Year. He deserves it!”

When asked about being named Principal of the Year and what it means to him, Mr. Rosenbaum was quick to share the credit.  “It is a great honor.  We have done great work at WWES over the past 17 years.  It is a team effort.  My biggest responsibility is to hire a great staff.  I am only as good as the staff at WWES.  So this honor really goes to all the past and present teachers and staff members at WWES,” he stated. 

In fact, when asked to name any people or colleagues who have made a lasting impression on his career,  Mr. Rosenbaum was leary in fear of leaving someone off the list.  “I have had so many staff members that I have looked up to over the last 28 years.  This includes past and present administrators/teachers/ aides/ maintenance.  And of course my parents who instilled in me a work ethic to get up and come to work each and everyday,”  Mr. Rosenbaum stressed.  

He also added that Karen Ragains was hired as the elementary secretary the same year he was hired as principal.  “I could not do this job without her.  I have the best secretary in the state of Indiana.”  shared Mr. Rosenbaum. 

When offering advice to younger or future educators, Mr. Rosenbaum can't help but to reflect on how he began his journey.  “I probably went into education for the wrong reasons.  I chose education so I could be a coach, and farm on the side.  That changed very quickly after I became a teacher.  Teachers/Administrators/Coaches can make a difference in so many kids' lives.  I just want to be a positive difference maker in every child that goes through our building,”  he stated.  

Mr. Rosenbaum added that education often gets a bad wrap in the media.  His advice to future educators is this, “Don't believe everything you hear about schools in the media.  Education needs our brightest young men/women to become teachers and administrators to lead our future generations.  It is a rewarding career and the highs definitely outweigh the lows,” he noted.

Congratulations to Mr. Tom Rosenbaum on a well-deserved honor!