Winter Weather

With winter weather around the corner, WWSC would like to share their plans for Inclement Weather and unforeseen closures.

The following link is our protocol for determining the need for delay or closure. 

WWSC Winter Weather Protocol

Legislation limiting the number of asynchronous virtual days to three per year was passed by the Indiana Legislature. The legislation does allow for synchronous virtual instruction in the event of inclement weather and temporary closure.

Asynchronous Instruction: Instruction and work are provided, but NOT provided in real time with interaction between teacher and student. 

Synchronous Instruction: Instruction is provided "live" by the teachers with the ability to interact between teacher and student.

WWSC will offer synchronous instruction during inclement weather and any other unforeseen temporary closure. We encourage parents and students to prepare for these closures. Having an option for internet access and a charged chromebook are essential for completing a synchronous virtual day. 

An announcement will be made each time there is a closure with instructions for lessons and school work in the instance that we have a synchronous virtual day. There are occasions that the school will close for inclement weather and a decision MAY be made to simply have an old fashioned "Snow Day". This will be clearly communicated to students and parents in the announcement. 

In the instance that we have a synchronous virtual day during a closure, students and teachers will meet virtually on our two hour delay schedule. This will allow teachers to prepare their lessons and communication in the morning before starting at approximately 10:00 am.