Staff Spotlight

West Washington would like to introduce Damien Miller to our Athletic Department.  As our Athletic Trainer, Damien provides daily care and treatment to our Senator athletes.  Through the partnership of West Washington and Baptist Health Medical Group, Damien became a great addition to our team!

The relationship between West Washington and Baptist Health started in 2019.  Athletic Trainer Program Manager, Kent Chapman, from Baptist Health Medical Group has witnessed this process firsthand. “I began developing relationships with West Washington HS back in the summer of 2019 when I talked with Keith Nance about covering some football games for the Senators.  That year, I was able to arrange to cover all of the home games, as well as the bulk of the playoff games.  It was great getting to know all of the athletes and staff at West Washington that year, as well as Phillip Bowsman.  It was a football season that I will never forget for many reasons.  When I started here at Baptist Health 8 years ago with Dr. Kris Abeln, my goal was to create a great sports medicine program in southern Indiana that would allow us to build relationships in many communities by providing great care for the athletes in the area.  We work hard every day to get injured athletes in quickly to our sports medicine physicians and then get them the diagnostic testing needed within 48 hours so that the athletes, parents, and coaches can get answers quickly as to the proper treatment plan.  We are so glad that we were able to hire Damien Miller to our athletic training staff this summer to cover the athletic events at West Washington.  He is doing an amazing job for us in his first year at Baptist Health.  Having Damien at West Wash on a daily basis is such a blessing for the care of the athletes,” he shared.

Damien is a Salem High School graduate of 2017 and a Franklin College graduate of 2021.  He has a bachelor's degree in exercise science and received his masters degree in athletic training in 2022.  “I am from Salem, IN and have been here for the majority of my life. Outside of work, I enjoy my time in the gym, hanging out with my cousin or going back up to visit my college friends. I enjoy playing games of many varieties and competing anyway that I can. I also enjoy playing with my kitten, Gravy, who loves to watch horror movies with me,” Damien explained.  

Being from Washington County, Damien was already fairly familiar with West Washington and some of the staff.  “Dennis Tankersley was my high school wrestling coach at Salem and I knew a little about West Washington, but now that I am a part of this program and community, I can say firmly that I am enjoying myself. The coaches and athletes have been great to work with,” stated Damien.  

When asked what he likes most about his role at West Washington, Damien replied, “I enjoy the everyday randomness. This job always keeps me on my toes. Every athlete/injury is a puzzle to piece together to find out what is wrong and what is the best way to get them better and playing to the best of their ability. As an athletic trainer, you never know what to expect from a day or an event.”

Damien has made a lasting first impression with the Senators during his first year.  Head Football Coach, Jeremy Lowery is very appreciative and impressed with Damien and the job he did at West Washington this fall.  Lowery expressed his gratitude by saying, “We are very thankful to have Damien on an everyday basis.  His effort and dedication to our football program this year was very evident in the quality of work he provided.  We really enjoyed having him around.  His knowledge and expertise is a real asset and appreciated.  I want to especially commend him for taking the time to build relationships with both our players and staff.  He is a great addition to West Washington and I look forward to working with him for many years to come.”

Thank you, Damien, for your hard work and commitment to our athletic programs!