Staff Spotlight

Please join West Washington School Cooperation in congratulating Lydia Manship for being named WSLM Teacher of the Month. The students at West Washington are lucky to have Lydia’s experience and expertise, as she is currently starting her eleventh year as a Senator. Lydia is a mainstay at WWES and currently provides special education instruction for first and second graders. 

Whether you see Lydia in the classroom, at a school sporting event, or in the pick up line before and after school, her energy and passion for her students and her school is apparent. Lydia is a true team player and her colleagues are quick to show their respect and appreciation. 

It is a true testament to hear her colleagues share the following compliments: 

● "Lydia is kind and genuine. She cares deeply for every student without bias. She creates an atmosphere where every child can thrive. Have I mentioned she’s genuine? This is, in my opinion, her best quality which is hard to find in people. She doesn’t turn it on for the job. She lives and breathes being a teacher in everyday life." 

● "Great teacher who loves her kids. She knows every kid in the car rider line." 

● "She goes above and beyond for her kids. Very caring and always puts the kids first." 

Lydia's dedication to her students and her drive to get the most out of her kids is evident. “My favorite thing about being a teacher is witnessing a student accomplish a difficult task or goal," Lydia noted. 

Passionate and dedicated teachers are not uncommon, but Lydia just seems to take her responsibilities to another level. “Mrs. Manship is a great teacher that always goes above and beyond for her students. She makes it a priority to know each student's name, so she can greet them as they arrive at the building each day. WWES is lucky to have Mrs. Manship on our staff," explained Principal Tom Rosenbaum. 

Congratulations Lydia on this recognition and thank you for your commitment to West Washington and our students!