Return To School

The West Washington School Board met on September 1, 2021 to discuss the return to school, extracurricular participation and mitigation strategies required upon the return to in person instruction.

Superintendent Keith Nance recommended that extracurricular participation be able to resume beginning 9/6/21. He further recommended that in person instruction resume on 9/7/21. Superintendent Nance then presented the WWSC Covid Guidelines that will require students to wear a face covering while in the building and classroom. The recommendations were unanimously passed by the WWSC Board. 

On September 1st, Governor Holcomb released an Executive Order changing the standard for quarantining of close contacts if the school had a requirement for masks to be worn throughout the day. It is linked at the end of the this article. 

Pictured below is the full plan.

Link to Governor Holcomb's Executive Order-

Link to Impact of Governor Holcomb's Executive Order-

*Students and families that will not comply with the mask requirement will be secluded within the classroom with maximum social distancing from those that are masked.