school bus

For the Senators of West Washington the start of school was an exciting and welcome event. 

The first days of school generate fond memories that we carry with us forever. The new outfit, backpack and smiles of familiar faces welcoming you back to school are a few of the highlights. 

This year the start of school meant a little more to the staff and students of West Washington. 

After two school years that were disrupted by Covid, the Senators have started the 2021-2022 School Year with hope and energy. There were new faces in the hallways and in front of the classrooms, but the feeling of belonging and familiarity filled the school. 

We ask that students and parents continue to use precautions to help us stay healthy and safe. Masks are not mandated during the school day at this time, but are required on the school bus and it is recommended that students carry a mask with them in the event that it is needed.

Students that do not feel well or have symptoms of illness are encouraged to stay home and asked to contact the school to speak to the school nurse about following the appropriate protocols.

WWSC thanks everyone for doing their part to make this school year a success.