WW BPA Dominates State Competition

WW BPA dominated state competition again.

This kids are doing a tremendous job competing in skills ranging from presentation to advanced technology!

Results and students advancing to the national competition in Texas:

MIDDLE LEVEL - 7 Qualifiers

Administrative Support Team- 3rd

• Cash Long, Alton Lundergan, Clark Nance

Intro to Video Production Team - 3rd

• Connor Denny, Lane Hoefler, Kye Strother

Digital Game Design Team - 1st

• Jimmy Hebner, Jason Lewis, Jonathan Lucas, Titan Williams

Graphic Design Promotion: Lizzie Chastain - 6th

SECONDARY - 9 Qualifiers

Administrative Support Team - 3rd

• Chelsey Gramlin, Olivia Mauch, Michelle Goldbeck, Adrianna Cardwell

Broadcast News Production Team - 2nd

• Kaden Ables, Sammy Nance, Riley Guetig, Max Strother

Global Marketing Team - 3rd

• Brianna Hartman, Sam Choiniere, Dylan Marrs, Betty Collard

Graphic Design Promotion: Destiny Priddy - 5th

Digital Media Production: Holly Worley - 5th

Digital Media Production: Sarah Wisehart - 8th

Computer Modeling: Tristian Cordero - 2nd

Computer Modeling: Wyatt Griffith - 1st

Entrepreneurship: Molly Guetig - 5th

Presentation Management Individual: Riley Guetig - 2nd

Advanced Office Systems & Procedures: Chelsey Gramlin - 1st

ICD-10 Diagnostic Coding: Laura Martin - 3rd