Proper Concern and Threat Reporting

Threat/Concern Reporting-

We encourage students to share anything they believe to be a threat with school officials. It will be thoroughly investigated. Students are asked to report issues to a trusted adult at school and it will be immediately relayed to administrative staff.

Parents that have concerns or want to report a concern or incident with the school are encourage to as well.

Here is the appropriate way to report concerns and get clarification of events-

1) Call the school office and ask for clarification. 

Elementary 812-755-4934 Jr/Sr 

Highs School 812-755-4996

2) Call the superintendent's office if you cannot get in touch with someone at the building office or you believe it should go directly there. 

Superintendent's Office 812-755-4872

3) Alert us on our school App (Search West Washington on android or iPhone stores for the App) OR Contact us via direct message on our social media accounts (they are monitored by Mr. Nance)

4) If you cannot get through using 1-3 and it is urgent enough that a message is not appropriate, call the WC Sheriff's Department at 812-883-5999.

Please refrain from using social media to tell what you know or what you have heard. Like the game of telephone, the story can really grow out of control. We do not want to create hysteria in an environment that is already creating high anxiety in students, parents and staff.

As always we are working tirelessly to keep our kids safe. We love them and understand that you entrust us with your most precious gift, your children. We also feel strongly that we need to provide them with a loving environment where they can be treated like kids and are able to grow.

We are doing our best to relieve anxiety by increasing our alertness, but also by continuing the educational process as close to normal as possible.