Safety Announcement

Safety Announcement-

With recent events I want to reassure everyone that we constantly evaluate our procedures with the school safety team and with local law enforcement. Currently we are looking at how we practice our procedure. Although no procedure is perfect for an unpredictable event, we believe practicing multiple scenarios will increase our effectiveness and response.

We do not share all details of our plan to the public for obvious reasons, and we rely heavily on the proper response from adults in our building that are entrusted with the safety of our community's children. We utilize the Run, Hide, Fight approach.

In the near future, we will be practicing these drills. Local authorities will be present to give us tips on ways to improve.

Please speak to your children about the drills. It is important they understand the drills are practiced to make us prepared and safer. Do your best to reassure them and eliminate anxiety.

The drills will NOT include a person posing as a shooter. Before we practice we will review the drill with students and staff and we will make all those involved aware that it is a drill ONLY. It is our goal to make staff and students prepared but not traumatize them.

We will not advertise the day we practice the drill, but everyone involved will be aware that it is a drill and NOT a real threat. At the conclusion of drills, we will post on our website and our media accounts that we had a practice day so parents are aware.