WWSC is excited to announce that it will be creating two new organizations created to increase support and communication among our alumni and community.

The WWSC Alumni Association will be an addition to our Annual Alumni Banquet. The WWSC-AA will be organized to keep alumni connected to one another and WWSC. A database will be organized, events will be planned and news will be shared regularly. The WWSC-AA will also have the opportunity to support WWSC in a variety ways.

The WWSC Ambassadors will be a group made up of the willing. Those willing to learn more about WWSC, our mission and all the great things that we are doing for our kids. There will be regular meetings, recorded messages and newsletters made available to ambassadors. We will then ask that an ambassador actively share the information with others. An ambassador will be asked to have their contact information shared so they may be contacted by anyone interested in making WWSC their "home". This is not exclusive to alumni, but can be current or past parents, employees and alumni of the school.

Ultimately, we hope to increase communication with everyone in our community and work together to ensure the strong health of WW far into the future.