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West Washington Community:

Two students from West Washington tested positive for Covid-19. They are siblings and both are in the elementary (2nd & 4th grade). We have been in contact with the health department discussing the timeline and contact tracing. Here is what we know:

  • The children have not been in the building since 8/7/20

  • The children have not experienced any symptoms

  • The first symptoms that a household member experienced were on Sunday 8/9/20

Under these circumstances, the health department has advised that we do NOT have to quarantine anyone at this time. 

We will be doing extra sanitizing this weekend. And we will be monitoring absenteeism closely. 

We ask that you closely monitor your child for any symptoms, keep them home if any arise and contact the school to communicate the symptoms.

We are committed to keeping our students safe. We will continue to communicate with the health department and make decisions with their guidance.