Reopening Update

Reopening Committees began meetings on June 18, 2020 to discuss the reopening of the West Washington School Corporation for the 2020-2021 School Year.


Topics included; start date, schedule (5 day traditional, modified, etc.), virtual option, teacher concerns and working conditions, PPE requirements, transportation, parent responsibilities/pledge, movement in the building, sanitizing, hygiene, procedures for fever and symptoms, protocols for closure and communication with the WC Health Department and the community. In addition, the committees studied recommendations from the IDOE’s INCLASS Document and the WC Health Department.


A lot was accomplished and a lot still needs to be finalized and discussed. More changes and information will be released as decisions are made. WWSC can expect communicated changes to transportation, illness and return to school protocols, PPE requirements and more in the future. This has been very productive work and I want to thank those that are volunteering many hours in the evening to this process.



· WWSC will begin school on August 5th

· There will be a traditional 5 day per week in person option

· There will be a 5 day per week virtual option for those that are medically fragile, live with someone that is medically fragile or have concerns about their child attending in person. This option will be delivered by WWSC teachers.

· We will have a robust plan for cleaning and sanitizing our classrooms, common areas and grounds.

*The above is dependent on approval of the WWSC School Board and any changes communicated by Indiana Department of Education and the Governor’s Office.


The safety of students and staff as well as the academic needs of our students will be the guiding principles in this decision making process.


With Senator Pride,


Keith A. Nance, Superintendent