One Third of WW Elementary Certified Staff Trained for Interventions for Reading Deficiencies

West Washington Elementary teachers spent two weeks during the summer learning how to better serve students who have reading difficulties.  In addition, most are completing case studies with students this semester to become certified reading specialists. Eleven teachers have either been through the training or already possess their reading specialists license. 

Currently, universal screening of students are taking place.  In addition to our iReady diagnostic testing we have added a rapid naming and and a spelling inventory that will allow us to further diagnose problem areas specifically looking for characteristics of dyslexia.  

Students who are identified as being at risk will undergo further screenings and will participate in specialized intervention groups to assist with their individual needs.  

Dyslexia is a unique disability that falls under a specific learning disability when identified.  While each student is different, tendencies include, difficulty interpreting words, letters and symbols, but does not affect the students general intelligence.  

Through the screening process, the expertise of our staff, and the supports we have in place for all students with disabilities we are confident that students with these tendencies and others, can continue to grow and thrive here at West Washington.