West Washington Administration and Staff have been working on the best way to handle the two days we missed due to snow and the storm last week.

The digital day we were granted through the Indiana Department of Education is something we have been working on getting approval for all year.

Having a digital day is not simply an opportunity to not have to use a makeup day. It is an opportunity to teach and learn in a widely accepted method that our students will be asked to do in their future careers and education.

The date was chosen for that digital day so that we can make the school and transportation available for students that need to attend school to access internet. This is certainly new territory for us, but something we are excited to try.

The unexpected timing of the storm last week and its proximity to the Spring Break spurred us to think of an alternative to using the first Monday of break. The main reason being expected low attendance due to the short notice and the effect a day with poor attendance can have on our school's reporting to Indiana Department of Education.

Our solution is to tack a day onto the end of the year. We have time to do that without interfering with graduation. This gives everyone plenty of notice about when the day will be made up.

The calendar attached shows the dates for the digital day and the new last day of school. If you have any questions please call Superintendent Keith Nance (812-755-4872) instead of here on the post.