Staff Spotlight

West Washington is proud to recognize our classified staff members who have dedicated ten or more years of service to West Washington Community Schools.  "I am impressed with the commitment of our classified staff members. These staff members provide so much for our school that often goes unnoticed. These staff members are woven into the fabric of who we are as a school. Their love and care for the students and the impact they have on our school and community can not be overstated," explained West Washington Superintendent, Keith Nance.

10 Years or more

Sarah Ponsford (10 years)

"Sarah is a dedicated bus driver that rarely misses a day. She is a hard worker and the safety of her students is her top priority.  We are blessed to have her at WWSC."  - WWSC Superintendent, Keith Nance.

Valerie Richardson (10 years)

"I was so happy when I was able to get Val driving a bus for WWSC again.  She has the kindest heart and she ensures that every kid is greeted with a smile each day and hugs when they need it. Our bus drivers are the best!" - WWSC Superintendent, Keith Nance

Shelly Cooley (10 years) 

"Shelly worked for us full time for several years. Her family moved to Florida for a while and when she returned, I was more than happy to hire her back.  Our second shift custodians are amazing and Shelly takes excellent care of her areas.  She takes pride in her job and I enjoy speaking to her each day after school!" - WWSC Superintendent, Keith Nance

Jennifer Pavey (11 years) 

“Jennifer is one of those people that will roll up her sleeves and take on any task. She does so much for our school.  Most recently she has taken on the gargantuan task of state reporting.  It is a very difficult job with constant changes and Jenny’s work is always top notch!”  - WWSC Superintendent, Keith Nance

Robert Hoar (11 years)

“Bob has dedicated a lot of years to the school. As a board member and as a bus driver, he has always done what is right for the students. I am sincerely grateful for his service to the school.”        - WWSC Superintendent, Keith Nance

Bev Stout (11 years)

“Bev is a WORKER. It is impossible to outwork her.  She is extremely detail oriented and her work is exceptional. West Washington is lucky to have her as an employee!” - WWSC Superintendent, Keith Nance

Aaron Davis (11 years) 

"A lot of the people may not know him by name, but everyone knows "the guy that mows all night" at WWSC.  Aaron works for us part time, but we could not maintain our grounds the way we do without him. It would be hard to find a more standup guy with his type of work ethic. We are lucky to have him!" - WWCS Superintendent, Keith Nance

Jayne Powers (11 years)

“Jayne has dedicated herself to WW as a bus driver and to help further the education of our students. She ensures her students get to and from school safely each day. She works with some special students who really look up to her. I am grateful for her presence in the classroom each day. She is not only a great co-worker, but a wonderful friend, too!” - Lydia Manship, K-2 Special Needs Teacher

Karen Chapman (11 Years)

“Our football locker room is the cleanest and most well kept locker room around.  Karen has spoiled us with the detail and care she takes in keeping things looking nice.  Her smile and sense of humor makes everyday a little brighter.  Karen is a very important part of our football family and we love her dearly!”  - Head Football Coach, Jeremy Lowery 

Sarah Huff (12 Years) 

“Sarah Huff is a dependable hardworking team player in the WW Kitchen. She is always willing to “roll up her sleeves” and get the job done.” - Food Service Director, Billie Jo Russell

Ellesha Haley (12 Years)

“Ellesha expresses care & interest towards our students at WW. As a teacher & aide, Ellesha is a vital part to the functionality of our P.E. Department.” - WWES PE Teacher, Matt Myers

Rob Batchelor (13 years)

“Rob has worn so many hats. His dedication to advancing our access to technology has been a game changer for the school. Acting as an SRO and School Safety Specialist in addition to his IT responsibilities helps keep our school safe for all staff and students. Rob does so many things that are unseen, but I recognize it and I have a ton of respect for him.” - WWCS Superintendent, Keith Nance

Kelly Mollet (13 years)

“Kelly is an awesome bus driver. She is committed to safety and she loves her kids and West Washington. We are lucky to have her driving for WWSC!” - WWCS Superintendent, Keith Nance

Tammy Maudlin (15 years)

“Tammy Maudlin is very good with getting custodians together and working as a team. She has a knack for getting people up and going to do their job.” - WWCS Head of Maintenance, Chris Jerrell

Chris Jerrell (15 years)

“Chris is an unsung HERO at WW. I do not know how we could manage without him. He takes so much pride in his job and our school. His work in maintenance has had a tremendous impact on our school. His talent and work have saved our school hundreds of thousands of dollars. He is just the best of the best as a worker and as a man!” - WWCS Superintendent, Keith Nance

Anita Altic (16 years) 

“Anita is extremely dedicated and she really cares about our students. She has always been a safe and caring bus driver. I appreciate her 16 years of service at West Washington.” - WWCS Superintendent, Keith Nance

Jesse Hoar (17 years)

“Jesse has been a consistent fixture at WW and helps keep our school looking great!” - WWCS Superintendent, Keith Nance

Bob Potter (19 years)

"Bob retired from full time employment with WWSC a few years back, but he still picks up some bus routes and helps with maintenance when we need an extra hand. Bob had a huge impact on our girl's athletic programs and everyone will recognize his booming voice across a gym. He is a big guy with a bigger heart. I will always have a special place in my heart for Bob because he is a special guy that has done a ton for our school and our students!" - WWCS Superintendent, Keith Nance

20 Years or more

Dawn Woods (20 years)

“Nurse Woods is an exceptional school nurse. The load that she had to carry during Covid was overwhelming, but she did it with professionalism and grace. I could not have managed through the pandemic without Nurse Woods. We are blessed to have her at WW!” - WWCS Superintendent, Keith Nance

Jana Agan (25 years) 

“Jana is an important part of the West Washington Elementary family.  Not only does Ms. Agan keep the lunch accounts for all the students, she covers the office and in the lunchroom when we are short staffed.  Ms. Agan is truly appreciated by Senator Nation.” - WWES Principal, Tom Rosenbaum

Tammy Jones (25 years) 

“Ms. Jones is a tireless worker.  She always puts the school and the students first. Ms. Jones is always the first to ask if she can help when we are short staffed.  She is a true Senator.” - WWES Principal, Tom Rosenbaum

Sharon Hammond (25 years)

“Sharon embodies true school spirit! She rarely misses an event at West Washington. Sharon is a huge supporter of our Senator Family! She is also a dedicated employee, who has many roles in the elementary school. Some of those roles are: super hero, mind reader, sanity savior, tooth puller, lunch lady, hairdresser, encourager, and recess monitor!! Behind every good teacher is a great assistant, such as Sharon Hammond!!" She is the BEST!!” - WWES Title l Teacher, Kay Owsley

Tricia Guthrie (25 years) 

Trish is the face of West Washington as she daily greets students, staff, and visitors with great enthusiasm and kindness. Her contribution to our school is invaluable, and she is loved by all.           - WWHS Principal, Angela Girgis

Mary Beth Rosenbaum (26 years)

“MaryBeth Rosenbaum always has a smile on her face. She is wonderful in the elementary cafeteria and is amazing with the kids. She is always there to help with anything the kids need. She takes care of all of the painting for the school and takes initiative to get it all done from start to finish.” - WWCS Head of Maintenance, Chris Jerrell

Karen Ragains (27 years) 

Karen is the heartbeat of the elementary school! Her cheerful voice greets us every morning! She helps keep us safe!  With a smile on her face, she can send an email, take a phone call, run the copier, and deal with teacher and Mr. Rosenbaum's requests all at once! Karen is always welcoming to parents and attentive to their needs. We are so lucky to have her at West Washington Elementary School!! Thank you, Karen, for all you do!!” - WWES Title l Teacher, Kay Owsley

Linda Alexander (27 years)

“Linda is a valuable member of our Senator Family. She has rarely missed a day in her 27 years at West Washington. I am proud to call Linda a colleague and a friend. We appreciate all that she has done for WW during her tenure here.” - WWCS Superintendent, Keith Nance

Barb Davis (28 years)

 "I am going to really miss seeing Barb daily. She has been a tremendous asset to West Washington and she has given so much to our school. She is a humble, dedicated worker that has been so helpful to me. I love her like a second mom and I am very happy for her, BUT... I am really going to miss her!" - WWCS Superintendent, Keith Nance

Rita Poe (28 years)

“Rita is a top notch employee. Her commitment as a bus driver of 28 years is an awesome example of dedication to our school and students. As a custodian, she is a hard worker that you can rely on to do an excellent job!” - WWCS Superintendent, Keith Nance

30 Years or more

Debbie Batt (35 years)

“Debbie Batt is a wealth of knowledge and valuable team member in the WW Kitchen/Cafeteria. She is a dedicated, dependable and extremely hardworking individual that is always willing to do whatever needs to be done to get the kids fed.” - Food Service Director, Billie Jo Russell

40 Years or more

Diana Ewen (40 years) 

"Diana is a gift from God. She loves our school and she loves all the students she has driven over the years. In my eyes she is a hero! 40 YEARS! It is amazing. The commitment and dedication to her skill as a driver and her heart for the kids is AMAZING!" - WWCS Superintendent, Keith Nance

Congratulations to each of you and thank you for your dedication and service to our school and community.