Staff Spotlight

West Washington would like to recognize and congratulate Diana Ewen on her 40 years of employment milestone.  During her tenure at WWCS, Diana has driven the longest bus route each day.  She has also driven the football, basketball, and baseball teams over the years.  "Diana is a gift from God. She loves our school and she loves all the students she has driven over the years. In my eyes, she is a hero! 40 YEARS! It is amazing. The commitment and dedication to her skill as a driver and her heart for the kids is AMAZING!" explained West Washington Superintendent, Keith Nance.  

A commitment of 40 years reflects loyalty and Diana has no plans to stop driving anytime soon.  “I want to drive as long as I can and my health allows me to,” shared Diana.  

Diana’s dedication to her job stems from her love for West Washington and the people at the school and within the community.  “West Washington is one of the best schools in Indiana.  We are academically strong, athletically strong, and our superintendent, Keith Nance, is the best.  Keith is always willing to listen whether he agrees or not.  Our transportation mechanic, Joe Walker, is great as well.  The interaction I get with everyone, mainly the kids is what I enjoy most about my job.  I know these families because I drove the whole family. In many cases brothers, sisters, moms, dads, and grandparents.  I also really loved my time driving the ball buses with Barry,” noted Diana.  

Coming from a family of nine herself, it is no secret Diana is all about her family and extended family.  She has raised three kids, which has blessed her with four grandchildren, five great grandchildren, and another grandchild on the way.  She is also very close to her great nephews, Morgan and Dylan Conrad, who she thinks of more like her grandkids.  She also wanted to mention her neighbor Richard Keltner and his girls Casady, Lizzy, and Bailey who she considers more like family. “My grandkids are my everything.  I love spending time with my family and the Keltners.  I really enjoy going to the ball games and watching my grandchildren,” she pridefully explained.  

Congratulations to Diana Ewen and thank you for your commitment to West Washington and our community!