Staff Spotlight

With her recent decision to retire this year, West Washington would like to recognize and celebrate Barb Davis and her 28 years of service to WWCS.  Barb has served in several capacities during her tenure at West Washington including HS Guidance Secretary, Corp Treasurer, ECA Treasurer, and Payroll.  

Barb’s commitment to West Washington is impressive and her love for her school and community run deep.  “West Washington is special to me because it is family.  I went to school here and grew up in this community.  I started working at WW in January of 1996. What I enjoy most about my job is all the friendships I have made over the years. I am proud because I believe I try to give my best in whatever I attempt to do,” shared Barb. 

Barb’s dedication is very much appreciated and she has made a lasting impact on WWCS.  “I am going to really miss seeing Barb daily. She has been a tremendous asset to West Washington and she has given so much to our school. She is a humble, dedicated worker that has been so helpful to me. I love her like a second mom and I am very happy for her, BUT... I am really going to miss her!”  explained West Washington Superintendent, Keith Nance.  

Barb is looking forward to the extra time she will have during retirement.  “I have 3 sons and 7 grandchildren who are my pride and joy.  I enjoy reading, mowing and tending to my flower beds.  I have 2 grandchildren who are not yet school age so I plan to spend time with them.  I also plan to help my husband on the farm, spend time with family, especially my mother (age 87), and my sister who is recovering from breast cancer,” noted Barb.

Barb is very fond of the many relationships and experiences formed at West Washington, but she is especially grateful for her relationship with Mr. Keith Nance.  “I have a great appreciation for Keith Nance who practices his belief in family first.  He has allowed me to take off to be with my sister through her chemo treatments and was very supportive when I lost my dad and nephew.  His support during these hard times in my life will always hold a special place in my heart,” stated Barb.  

Barb, you will be greatly missed at West Washington and we sincerely wish you a happy and fulfilling retirement.