Student Spotlight

Academic Accomplishments:  Mason has been awarded the GPA award for 4.0 or higher throughout all four years in high school.  He will graduate with technical honors.  Mason was also nominated for the Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship. 

Extracurricular Activities and Accomplishments:   Mason has participated in basketball, baseball, and football.  During the four years that he has played high school basketball, he received the “Defense Award” the last two years.  Mason has also played baseball all four years and has been named PLAC All Conference two straight years.  As a sophomore, Mason was a part of West Washington’s first sectional baseball championship.  

Special Classes/Dual Credit Courses:   Mason has followed the Engineering Pathway to graduation.  Through this track, he has taken some very interesting and challenging courses like Principles of Engineering, Precal/Trig, and Civil Engineering.  

Community Service:   Mason is always there to lend a helping hand when needed.  He has helped work and organize a BBQ at Becks Mill.  Additionally, he has helped mow and maintain a lawn for those who needed assistance. 

Future Plans:  Mason would like to participate in baseball at the college level, but is undecided where he will attend.  He plans on pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice and would like to eventually work for the DNR.  Mason believes it is important to have a backup plan and intends to pursue an Electrician Apprenticeship. 

How has West Washington helped you prepare for your future plans?  

“The biggest help that I have received during high school was from Stacey Nance. She helped me stay on top of everything including key dates on when scholarships were due. Also another person that has helped me is Brent Ingram. He has sent my name to so many colleges to try and get me to play baseball. He has made me work ten times harder than everyone and that is because he sees potential in me. The school in general has made me a better individual. They have taught me never to give up and keep pushing. So thank you West Washington for everything you have done for me,”  Mason explained.  

Mason has made a lasting impression on West Washington over the years:  

My experiences with Mason include being his health and PE teacher for three years, as well as his baseball coach the last 6. During my time with Mason, he has been one of the more diligent individuals I have had the pleasure to work with. He has always been a dependable kid and somebody you know what you are going to get; a strong work ethic, a steady presence, and always a good teammate. I am excited to see what path Mason chooses in his future endeavors and I am sure he will be successful at whatever he does.” - WWHS Assistant Principal and Head Baseball Coach, Brent Ingram 

“Mason will graduate with a Technical Honors diploma and is ranked 3rd in the class of 2023. He has been able to explore a variety of careers in agriculture, engineering, diesel services, and manufacturing through our Career and Technical programs at West Washington, earning college credits and credentials. Mason has balanced this schedule with college-level math courses and multiple sports. He's a great example of Senator Excellence and I can't wait to see what he tackles next!” - WWHS Counselor, Stacey Nance