Program Spotlight

Congratulations to WWES Math Bowl participants and their first place finishes!

4th grade team: Phoebe Ferguson, Trenleigh McKinney, Khloe Tucker, Jace Kelley, Hawke Abbott, Maddox Lowery, Jashua Higdon, and Brycen Combs (not in attendance/pictured).  5th/6th team: Caiden Keith, Alyssa Davis, Alexis Tripp, Lilly Dawson, Samuel Ledgerwood, Cash Packwood, Hayden Bowers, Kate Sama, Elynn Zegenbein, and Jett Long (not pictured)

What is Math Bowl?

Math Bowl is an extracurricular program for students who show interest and strengths in the area of mathematics. The program focuses on the Indiana Mathematics Standards for 6th and 7th grade covering Data Analysis, Statistics and Probability, as well as the Process Standards with Number Sense and Computation. 


State wide over 400 teams were registered for the Math Bowl competition in Indiana.  West Washington was represented by 18 total students who are currently in Mrs. Amber Morrow’s advanced math classes.  These students consisted of seven 6th graders, three 5th graders, and eight 4th graders.  The commitment by these students included practicing twice a week starting in January through the competition, which was held in April.  

Math Bowl Competition and Results:  

On April 11th, West Washington was the host for 14 schools for the 2023 Math Bowl competition.  There were 15 teams that gathered at West Washington making this one of the largest competitions in the state.  The competition included 4 rounds that consisted of 8 questions per round.  Participants were unable to compete in more than 1 round.  Each team was allowed up to 3 students maximum per table during each round.  

Hard work pays off and the proof is in the following results:  

  • Our 5th/6th team placed first in their green division at WW out of 7 teams and tied for first place out of all 15 teams.

  • Our 4th grade team placed first in their yellow division with being the only “all 4th grade” team at WW.

  • Our Green team finished 22nd in the state out of 94 total teams (top 23%). They were just 2 correct responses from finishing in the “State Top 10.”

  • Our Yellow team finished 43rd out of 73 teams. 

West Washington is very proud of the time and effort put in by the students who participated:

“Our 2023 competition consisted of incredibly DIFFICULT questions and standards! These students accepted the challenge, learned, retained, and applied their skills to the VERY best of their ability! They represented West Washington very well! I am beyond PROUD of them and thankful for the opportunity to have led them in this experience!” - Advance Math Teacher, Amber Morrow

“We had a great turnout for the Math Bowl this year.  We host one of the largest Math Bowl events in the state.  Our students and Mrs. Morrow made us proud as WWES was able to bring home first place in two different divisions and score very high in the entire state.” - WWES Principal, Tom Rosenbaum