Science Fair Winners

WW had a wonderful science fair this evening. With over 200 projects, families gathered to see the impressive work of the student body. Students participated in the STEM stations held by WW robotics teams. Students created a marble maze, tested their skills at coding, and drove the famous Kinetic Harvest bot.

Shout out to all of our judges this year:

Joe Keltner, Todd Murphy, Angela Girgis, Mark Young, Sheree Belt, Chad Johnson, Brian Wolfe, JD Owsley, Darrell Owsley, Matthew Deaton, Ally Brown, Kristin Messmore, McKenzie Messmore, and John Harkness

Judges were amazed by the talent and knowledge presented today.

Overall Champions:

2nd-Ellanoir King

3rd-Hunter Childers

4th-Tandon Nance

5th- Jett Long

6th- Kate Sama

2nd grade honorable mentions:

Alisha Blocker

Ellanoir King

Amelia Carter

Atticus Bowen