West Washington School Corporation is located in rural Washington County. The campus is 55 acres of beautiful facilities dedicated to providing the best academic, social, and extra-curricular experience to our students and community.

The original building was dedicated in 1963, the maintenance and additions to the original building give the illusion that the school is brand new. The building houses the Elementary and Jr/Sr High School, the unique environment allows the schools to operate as ONE school. Teachers and staff from each school work closely to ensure a smooth transition as our students learn and grow.

The corporation works under a “Kids First” philosophy. Decisions and actions are made with the best interests of our students and community in mind. The corporation has a low student to teacher ratio that fosters the ideal learning environment. Results of Indiana standardized tests place West Washington School Corporation well above the state average and one of the highest in all of the surrounding counties.

West Washington School Corporation is proud to be a leader in technology and 21st Century teaching and learning. A major wireless upgrade to our facilities places West Washington on par with much larger schools in urban settings. We are providing our students with the access to high quality and reliable fiber Internet service that allows us to focus on 21st century skills. The school board has adopted a technology plan that will equip all students in grade K-12 with their own Chromebook for use in the classroom and at home.

West Washington School Corporation is the heart of our community. It serves as the community center; where people gather, fellowship and show their support for our children. West Washington School Corporation is a place where everyone is welcome and can find a place to flourish. The opportunities to thrive are numerous; clubs that succeed at the state and national level, academic teams, arts programs and athletic teams that successfully compete with much larger schools are just a few of the opportunities available to our students.

West Washington School Corporation is an open enrollment school that allows families outside of the corporation boundaries to attend and take advantage of everything WE have to offer.