Washington County’s county metric has changed from YELLOW to ORANGE on the Indiana State Department of Health website. As a result, Washington County school officials met with Dr. Morgan and members of the Washington County Health Department today. 


The discussion revolved around the increasing numbers of Covid-19 cases in the state of Indiana and Washington County. The current circumstances we are in were discussed in depth and the unfortunate potential for the future was a topic as well.


Ultimately, the conversation turned to what could be done to change the path that we are on. All agreed that it would take our entire community to impact the direction in which we are headed. As schools we are doing all we can, but we need everyone to take an active role in reversing course.


It is time that we not only do what is necessary at school but outside of school as well. Please consider your role in making necessary changes to improve our current situation. In addition to wearing a mask in group settings, proper sanitizing and social distancing please consider what social activities are necessary and safe. 


The decision has been made to move to a virtual schedule for grades 7-12 beginning Monday 11/16/2020. We will continue to have physical instruction for grades PreK-6th at this time. We will continue this schedule if Washington County is ORANGE on the ISDH County Metric Map. Adjustments could be made to the elementary in person instruction if contact tracing or Covid cases directly affect staff or students of WWES.


We will begin the following schedule on Monday 11/16/2020-

  • PreK-6: Remain In Person, unless we become Red or have issues with staffing, contact tracing or Covid-19 positive cases

  • 7-12: Return to Virtual beginning Monday 11/16/2020 as long as our county is ORANGE

  • No general fans at Indoor Athletic/Extracurricular Events. 


With Senator Pride,


Keith A. Nance, Superintendent


Virtual Closure Expectations


Short Term Closure (3-10 days)-

  • All staff are expected to report to work at normal times unless communicated otherwise. 

  • We will maintain a regular schedule, as close to normal as possible. 

    • Students that are unable to do the work during the normal hours of school must contact the school and be added to the “2nd shift” list. 

      • Building level administrators will determine if their reason to be on “2nd shift” is legitimate. 

  • Teachers will be expected to:

    • Have live lessons during the normal school schedule. (Recorded lessons could be utilized. However, live interaction is expected during each period, subject, etc, in order to check for understanding and answer questions)

      • EX-

        • 3rd Grade Reading during the normal 3rd grade reading time. 

        • 2nd period Geometry during the time frame of 2nd period Geometry. 

    • Have recorded direct instruction for all subjects and periods for students doing their schooling during “2nd shift”.

    • Provide feedback during the hours of 8 am - 3 pm. 

      • You do NOT have to answer emails or hangout calls after hours. 

      • You do have to get back to those emails and calls the next day between 8 am - 3 pm.

      • You do NOT have to answer a question of a student from period 1, while you are working with kids from period 5. 

      • You do have to get back with that student another time during the day. 

  • Students will be expected to:

    • Join live lessons or watch recorded lessons during the normal school schedule.

      • Unless they are assigned to the “2nd shift”.

    • Complete “class work” during the normal class time. 

    • Complete “home work” before the next day’s class.

    • Communicate with the teacher during live lessons.

    • Check email daily.

    • Keep a disciplined schedule of reporting to each virtual class on time. 

  • “2nd” shift students are expected to:

    • Watch recorded lessons nightly.

    • Complete “class work” nightly before the next day.

      • Exception- you have a question and you have to wait for a response from your teacher. 

    • Communicate with the teacher through email and Google Hangouts.

    • Check email daily. 

    • Keep a disciplined schedule of completing lessons and assigned work daily.