Important Announcement


The West Washington School Corporation held an emergency meeting on Monday 8/23/21.

The purpose of this meeting was to discuss growing numbers of students missing school reported as ill, the number of students currently quarantined and the number of Covid positive students. Most alarming was the exponential increase in cases from the end of last week through today. 

Mr. Nance recommended to the board that the school move to virtual instruction until Tuesday 9/7/21. Additionally, it was recommended that extra curricular activities that are a part of the school or hosted by the school be suspended. 

The recommendations were passed by the school board. 

The school board will reconvene next week to determine a plan to return that may include additional Covid mitigation protocols. At that time a return to school and return to extracurricular activities will be discussed and decided. 

During virtual instruction students will be expected to join lessons during the school day. Students should check their Google Classrooms for schedules and instructions for turning in work. 

The school will provide Grab & Go meals each day for those that request them. Call the superintendent’s office to have your name added to the list for meals. It will be the responsibility of the family to come to school and pick up the meals. 

It is our sincere hope that we can return to school and have no further closures this school year.